Kholegaon House Construction

In November 2017, Elevate Nepal provided funding and labor to aid in the construction of six homes in the village of Kholegaon. Like many villages in Nepal, the people of Kholegaon had been living in temporary structures since the 2015 earthquake unable to find the financial assistance necessary to rebuild their homes. Through local connections, government subsidies and the help of international volunteers, Elevate Nepal was able to provide financial assistance and resources to help aid in the construction of these six homes.

Elevate Nepal Project Contributions:

  • Assisted villagers in their efforts to rebuild permanent homes
  • Ensured construction met the National Reconstruction Authorities new standards for earthquake resistance
  • Contributed $17,000 to purchase initial building materials, allowing the villagers to qualify for their additional government aid
  • Utilized international volunteers to help control labor costs by clearing land for construction

Project Date: 2018-2019