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Your donation impacts lives.

Your monthly gift allows Elevate Nepal, Inc. to aid the millions of Nepalese citizens still without shelter, schools or sanitary living conditions due to the widespread 2015 earthquake devastations.

Together, we can help the Nepalese rebuild the flourishing, sustainable communities they work hard for and deserve.


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$10: Covers the labor costs of one worker for one day, $25: Provides 250 bricks for building walls, $50: Purchases essential tools: one wheelbarrow, three shovels, two picks and two hammers, $100: Covers the transportation cost for two truckloads of material to the job site, $200: Purchases windows and a door for one classroom, $500: Outfits one bathroom with a toilet, wash basin, water tank, piping, and fittings., $1,000: Fully furnishes one classroom., $8,000: Builds and fully furnishes one classroom.