Our Mission

To provide the Nepalese access to resources that allow for the responsible development of a sustainable community.

Our Work

Elevate Nepal (EN) founders began working in Nepal shortly following the 2015 earthquake to provide relief in earthquake stricken villages.   From 2015-2019 EN focused on rebuilding damaged infrastructure with a concentration in schools, homes, and sanitation systems. 2019 Elevate Nepal expanded its work into the agriculture sector by subsidizing teachers salaries at Ananda Jyoti Agriculture School. In 2021 ENI will be partnering with Humanitarian Efforts Reaching Out (HERO) to perform a 5 day medical camp in two locations in Nepal.

Our Goals

Expand opportunities in remote villages through organic agriculture, increase medical awareness through health programs, and improve sanitation by updating infrastructure along with education in safe hygiene practices.

Renewable Energy

By 2021 expand into renewable energy through bio-gas and solar.


Provide education to young Nepalese that will promote ingenuity through innovation of new ideas to create a clean, safe sustainable community in ones village.

Skill Building

Teach new skills that allows for the development of a sustainable community.


Provide remote villages skills, tools and knowledge they would not otherwise have access to.


Enable Nepalese to become stronger and more confident in regaining control over their villages.


Curb migration to cities and abroad by collaborating on opportunities and ideas in ones villages.

Our Values

Honesty. We truly appreciate the support of our friends, family and community members. At Elevate Nepal, Inc., we’re consistently mindful of our donors and the Nepalese citizens when prioritizing initiatives and determining the allocation of funds. We believe transparency and integrity are crucial to carrying out a successful mission.

Respect. We believe in the basic human service of helping one another daily. Our love for Nepal stemmed from the generosity and respect the Nepalese shared on our first visit to their country. We aim to reciprocate this same respect by giving back to this selfless community. We conduct fair and mutually beneficial practices and strive to always leave a place in better condition than when we found it.

Open Minded. We believe that education makes the world a better place. We pride ourselves on listening and communicating openly to ensure an efficient roll-out of our projects and initiatives. With a goal of providing the greatest and most immediate positive impact on communities, we view the Nepalese people as a driving force to our decision-making processes.

Optimistic. We have seen firsthand the capabilities and potential of the Nepalese people. As a culture, these citizens portray an inspiring ability to stay positive, lighthearted and family-centered no matter what challenges they endure. We have no doubt that, with the right assistance, the Nepalese will establish flourishing and sustainable communities.

Our Team

Dan Maurer and Anthony Mancini first ventured to Nepal in 2011, where they spent three months volunteering on farms and trekking to Mt. Everest’s base camp. Immediately captivated by the country’s beautiful landscapes and people, Dan and Anthony left Nepal eager to remain connected. Since the 2015 earthquake, the two friends have dedicated their time and knowledge to fundraising and rebuilding efforts, ultimately leading to the birth of Elevate Nepal, Inc.  Shortly after founding Elevate Nepal, Dan and Anthony recruited Resham Lama Bal to be their partner and in-country coordinator.


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Elevate Nepal, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


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